Ministry Highlights

Videos of Miracle Crusades Highlights

Powerful Breakthrough

Experience an outbreak of rejoicing in Kargorogoro as Evangelist Sean delivered a timely word that the warfare, trials, and struggles that the people were going through was finally over.

Souls Saved in Fort Portal, Uganda

Witness the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the altar call for salvation.  Many souls came forward as they were moved by Christ tugging at their hearts to make things right with Him. 

The Anointing Falls

Encounter the moving of the Holy Spirit on the lives of those attending the Pastor's Conference in Uganda.  Watch as God refreshes and encourages His servants and also imparts to them a fresh anointing for service. Many left knowing their lives will never be the same again.

Miracles in Uganda

In Uganda, the Lord confirmed the Word with many wonderful miracles.  The deaf heard, paralyzed fingers moved, tumors disappeared, and many other miracles took place.  Watch as God demonstrates His power, proving that Jesus is alive.

Audio of Miracle Healing Services

The Lord will Fight for You

Evangelist Sean is sounding the alarm for God's people to get ready. God is about to work a miracle on your behalf and bring you all the way out. The Lord will fight for you.

Listen to a Live Miracle Service

During our 3 Nights of Miracles in Texas, the power of God exploded in mighty demonstrations of healing. Be refreshed by the presence of God as you listen to a live service where healing miracles took place.