Eardrum Recreated

Jean testified that she had forty percent hearing in her left ear because it had ruptured when she was only six months old. Thinking it to be cancerous, doctors removed her right eardrum due to several ruptures that caused infections.  After Evangelist Sean prayed for her, God performed a miracle in both ears  She can now hear perfectly.  - Versailles, Missouri

Deaf Ear Opens

Ten years ago, this man was in an accident that caused damage to his nerve in his left ear.  The nerve damage caused him to become deaf in his one ear.  On the second night of the Miracle Crusade in Angamaly, India, God touched his ear.  His ear opened and he began to hear clearly.  As a result, others came forward and their deaf ears opened also.  - Angamaly, India

Paralyzed Fingers Move

A woman’s ten fingers were paralyzed.  She had feeling in the palms of her hand, but could not feel nor move her fingers. They were stiff and useless.  After the Miracle Healing Crusade, they became useful again.  They now move freely and she once again has the use of her hands.  - Kargorogoro, Uganda